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Samsu Oil 7.4ml

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Samsu Oil is a topical natural oil for men used to help treat premature ejaculation and prolong sexual performance. Samsu Oil is a medication for men.


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Samsu Oil is a topical natural oil for men used to help treat premature ejaculation and prolong sexual performance. Formulated with ginger root extracts and antiseptic ingredients, Samsu Oil works by reducing penile sensitivity to boost bedroom confidence and satisfaction.

Samsu oil is suitable to use for those who don’t last long in sex (premature ejaculation)


Samsu Oil can be used by men seeking to:

  • Overcome premature ejaculation
  • Enhance sexual confidence and power
  • Treat erectile dysfunction
  • Prevent early discharge of semen
  • Reduce oversensitive penile nerves


Samsu Oil offers benefits like:

  • Delayed ejaculation and prolonged sexual performance
  • Relief from impotence and erectile issues
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhanced intimacy and sexual satisfaction

Mechanism of Action

Samsu Oil contains active ginger extracts that desensitize the penile nerves to delay ejaculation. The antiseptic components also protect against infection. This combination works to treat premature ejaculation and prolong sexual power.


  • Apply 1-2 drops directly onto the penis 10-15 minutes before intercourse
  • Avoid contact with eyes or sensitive tissues
  • Oil may be reapplied as needed during intercourse


  • Discontinue if any irritation occurs
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes
  • Not for use with condoms as it may cause breakage

Important Information

  • Herbal odor may persist after application
  • Wash penis after intercourse to avoid transmitting oil to partner
  • If premature ejaculation persists, see your doctor

When used as directed, This drug can help overcome performance issues, boost sexual confidence, and increase satisfaction.

Use 15-30 minutes before intercourse/sex, first clean the penis with warm water / cold water to remove dirt, so that the topical medications can work more optimally and the absorption by the skin is guaranteed.
  • Apply a few drops on your penis with your fingers. Wait approximately (leave)15 - 30 mins minutes, then wash your penis clean with water. Before washing, you should feel a slight heat around the penis which is strong evidence that it is working. please note that slight heat may not occur until after 10 minutes of applying( apply just a few drops).


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