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Before you shop at MedeCify, please take a moment to read and understand the following important information:

  1. Prescriptions Are Needed for Some Medicines:
    • Certain medications, like those marked as ‘POM’ (Prescription only Medicines), ‘Anti-infectives,’ and ‘CD’ (Controlled Drugs), require you to provide a valid prescription at the checkout page when you make your purchase.
  2. How We Check Your Prescription:
    • If your order includes prescription medications, once you complete your payment, our MedeCify Pharmacist will carefully examine your prescription to make sure it’s real.
  3. What Makes a Prescription Valid:
    • A valid prescription must include these details:
      • Your full name
      • Your age
      • Your gender
      • The doctor’s name who prescribed it
      • The doctor’s signature
      • The doctor’s clinic or hospital
      • The correct name of the medication
      • The right dose you need
      • How long you should take it (Note: We can’t accept prescriptions without a specified duration).
  4. Getting Your Order:
    • Once your prescription is approved, we’ll ship your order to you quickly.
  5. Invalid Prescription? Here’s What Happens:
    • If your prescription isn’t valid, we’ll get in touch to explain why. You can fix this by sending us a proper prescription to [email protected]. If we don’t receive a valid prescription, we’ll have to cancel your order and give you a full refund.

We hope this makes everything clear. If you have questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you.

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