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Accu-Check Instant Strips x50

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Accu-Check Instant Strips provide reliable and fast results, enabling individuals with diabetes to effectively monitor their blood sugar levels


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Accu-Check Instant Strips are highly accurate and reliable test strips designed for use with Accu-Check blood glucose monitoring systems. These strips provide fast and convenient blood sugar level readings, empowering individuals with diabetes to effectively manage their condition.


Self-monitoring of blood glucose levels for individuals with diabetes Tracking blood sugar levels as part of a comprehensive diabetes management plan Enabling timely adjustments to diet, exercise, and medication as recommended by healthcare providers


Fast and accurate blood glucose readings within seconds Easy-to-use format for convenient self-monitoring Helps maintain tight glycemic control and reduce the risk of diabetic complications


No specific dosage; used as needed for blood glucose monitoring Follow the instructions provided with the Accu-Check monitoring system and your healthcare provider’s recommendations

Mechanism of Action

Accu-Check Instant Strips utilize advanced biosensor technology to measure the glucose concentration in a small blood sample The test strip contains enzymes that react with the glucose in the blood sample, generating an electrical signal This signal is interpreted by the Accu-Check meter and displayed as a numerical blood glucose value

Side Effects

No significant side effects are associated with the use of Accu-Check Instant Strips Proper lancing technique and site rotation should be followed to minimize discomfort


Not intended for the diagnosis of diabetes or for use on neonates Ensure proper storage and handling of the test strips to maintain accuracy Consult your healthcare provider for guidance on interpreting and responding to blood glucose results

Important Information

Use Accu-Check Instant Strips only with compatible Accu-Check blood glucose monitoring systems Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct use, storage, and disposal Regularly check the expiration date and discard expired test strips Seek medical advice if you experience persistent abnormal blood glucose readings

Before you begin:
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water and dry them completely. [Important: This helps prevent contamination of the test strip and ensures accurate results.]
Using the test strip:
  1. Prepare the meter: Make sure your Accu-Check Instant meter is turned off.
  2. Insert a test strip: Open the vial containing the test strips. Take a test strip out of the vial and close the lid tightly right away. Insert the test strip with the metallic end first into the meter until it clicks into place. The meter will automatically turn on.
  3. Prime the lancing device (if using): Refer to the instructions for your specific lancing device for priming instructions. This step is usually necessary to ensure proper lancet function.
  4. Lance your finger: Choose a fingertip for the blood sample. It's best to rotate finger sites to avoid tenderness. Use the lancing device to prick your finger according to the device's instructions. You may need to adjust the penetration depth setting for your skin type.
  5. Apply the blood sample: Gently squeeze your finger to form a small blood drop. Touch the yellow edge of the test strip to the blood drop. The wide yellow area allows for easy application with a small blood sample. Make sure enough blood fills the test strip according to the meter's instructions (usually indicated by a symbol on the display).
  6. Read the results: The meter will display your blood glucose level in a few seconds.
Additional tips:
  • Dispose of the used lancet and test strip safely according to local regulations.
  • Consult your doctor for guidance on how often to test your blood sugar and how to interpret the results.


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