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Cussons Baby Powder

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Cussons Mild & Gentle Baby Powder absorbs excess moisture while leaving your baby’s skin soft and fragrant. It contains Milk and Chamomile to help nourish and calm your baby’s skin, keeping it healthy and silky.


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Cussons Baby Powder is a product made by the British company PZ Cussons. It’s a type of baby powder that’s used to keep a baby’s skin dry and prevent chafing. The powder is made of either talc or cornstarch, and sometimes it also has fragrances or moisturizing ingredients.

– Mild formulation
– Dermatologically tested
– Classic baby fragrance

When using baby powder, it’s important to be safe and use it appropriately to avoid any potential health problems, such as inhaling the powder or irritating the skin.

Here are the basic steps for using Cussons Baby Powder:
  1. Make sure your hands are clean: Wash your hands before applying the powder to avoid transferring any bacteria to your baby's skin.
  2. Apply to clean, dry skin: Before applying the powder, make sure your baby's skin is clean and dry. Do not apply the powder to any areas that are wet or moist, as this can increase the risk of skin irritation.
  3. Shake the powder into your hands: Hold the powder bottle away from your baby's face and shake a small amount of powder into your hands. Avoid inhaling the powder, as it can be dangerous if breathed in.
  4. Apply the powder to your baby's skin: Gently pat the powder onto your baby's skin, making sure to avoid sensitive areas such as the face and genital area.
  5. Keep the powder bottle away from your baby's face: Store the powder bottle in a safe place where your baby cannot reach it, and keep the lid securely closed when not in use.
It's important to use baby powder safely and appropriately, and to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines. If you have any concerns or questions about using Cussons Baby Powder, consult your healthcare provider.


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