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Dynewell Plus Syrup (Cyproheptadine) 300ml

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Dynewell Plus Syrup is primarily used to enhance the buttocks, hips, and breasts. It also minimizes stretch marks, purifies blood, and boosts appetite.


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Dynewell Plus Syrup Primarily used for gluteal/hip enhancement, breast enlargement, and weight gain. Also used to increase appetite, and regulate periods, It also purifies blood, reduces cholesterol, minimizes stretch marks, improves skin quality, and alleviates allergic rhinitis symptoms.


Dynewell Plus Syrup is an ayurvedic syrup made of natural ingredients aimed at enhancing the buttocks, hips, and breasts. It also purifies blood, reduces cholesterol, minimizes stretch marks, and boosts appetite.


Enlarges, shapes, and firms the buttocks, hips, and breasts. Purifies blood lowers cholesterol, eliminates stretch marks, evens skin tone, and boosts appetite. Provides a safer, more affordable alternative to plastic surgeries.

Mechanism of Action

Herbal components like Shatavari stimulate estrogen production, cell growth, and tissue buildup preferentially in the hips and breasts. Other ayurvedic ingredients reduce histamine, increase protein synthesis, and modulate hormonal activity contributing to intended effects.

10 ml twice daily, taken immediately after meals is the standard dosage. Each bottle should be used within 2 weeks of opening for maximum potency.


  • Consult a doctor before use especially if pregnant, nursing or have medical conditions
  • Risk of allergic reaction in those sensitive to certain herbs/phytochemicals
  • Very high phytoestrogen content

Important Information

  • Must be taken consistently for at least 90 days to achieve desired effects
  • Combine with regular gluteal muscle exercises for enhanced results
  • Success requires a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and dosage regimen
For optimal results, it is recommended to take the syrup on a daily basis and be consistent with it. You should drink 10ml in the morning and 10ml at night immediately after a meal1. Each bottle, when opened, should be used within two weeks


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